Who is the CEO of EPO? Juiceman Marty. In charge of EPO as CEO. It works out fairly well for him to wear it. There’s something chemically off about this middle-aged man, who is 35 years old. However, the guy broke out pimples all over his body, including his face, shoulders, and back.

In a move that puts a stop to Colby Covington’s great “CEO of EPO” nickname for him, UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman was granted his championship jacket this week after passing 50 USADA drug tests with flying colours.


Colby Covington gives Kamaru Usman a lot of funny nicknames to make fun of him.

Colby Covington has repeatedly used the “Marty Juiceman” alias to assert that the welterweight champion is doping. However, Covington has previously called Kamaru Usman “Snooze man” to make fun of him for being dull. Because of his interactions with the press and his demeanour, he has also been labelle a “fake.”

Colby Covington will come up with even more humorous nicknames for his arch-nemesis Kamaru Usman during their pre-fight press conference before their rematch at UFC 268. So if want to know who is the CEO of EPO then check who is the CEO of EPO.

The name “Marty” was given to Kamaru Usman, but why?

Kamaru Usman, a former collegiate wrestler, was known as “Marty” during his time on the mat. Usman maintains that “Marty” was the wrestling coach’s name for him back in high school.

Many of Kamaru Usman’s opponents, including Colby Covington and Ben Askren, have sought to bait the champion by referring to him as “Marty” in the past.

However, Kamaru Usman provides additional detail about how he came to be known as “Marty” in a secondary school. As a student at Bowie High School, the former NCAA Division 2 wrestling champion decide to try the sport.


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