What happened to traci braxton?

Do you want to know what happened to traci braxton, read the below article? Traci Braxton is a popular American singer and television personality who first rose to fame as a member of the Braxton family, known for their hit reality television show “Braxton Family Values.” Traci, the younger sister of Toni Braxton, has had a successful career as a singer, releasing several albums and singles throughout the years. However, her personal life has been marked by various struggles and challenges, including financial difficulties, health issues, and family drama.

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What happened to traci braxton

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One of the most significant events in Traci’s life was her decision to file for bankruptcy in 2011. At the time, she and her husband Kevin Surratt were facing mounting debts and financial difficulties, and they were unable to keep up with their mortgage payments. As a result, they filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allowed them to discharge most of their debts and start over financially.

Despite her financial troubles, Traci continued to pursue her music career and released several albums and singles over the years. However, the show also exposed some of the family’s deepest rifts and conflicts, including tension between Traci and her sisters.

The career of traci braxton

In 2018, Traci made headlines when she announce that she was leaving “Braxton Family Values” after seven seasons. In a statement, she cited a number of reasons for her departure, including a lack of respect from the show’s producers and frustration with the way she was being portrayed on the show. She also expressed a desire to focus on her music career and other projects.

Traci’s departure from the show was not without controversy, and it sparked a public feud between her and her sisters. In interviews and social media posts, Traci accused her sisters of mistreating her and trying to sabotage her career. While her sisters accused her of being selfish and ungrateful. The feud culminated in a physical altercation between Traci and her sister Tamar, which was capture on camera.

In recent years, Traci has continued to pursue her music career and has release several singles and a full-length album. The album features a mix of R&B, pop, and dance music, and showcases Traci’s powerful vocals and dynamic range. She has also continued to make appearances on television and radio. She has worked on a number of other projects, including a clothing line and a book.

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traci braxton

Despite the challenges and controversies that have marked her career, Traci remains a beloved and respected figure in the music and entertainment industries.

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