Intersting Festivals

India is a country with many vibrant festivals. India celebrates most Interesting Festivals with vigor, fervor, and dedication because they are an integral part of existence. It is observed to honor religious, historical, and the onset of new seasons. The varied lifestyles of India are shown in the color, dancing, food, gifts, and sports.

Different cultures throughout India celebrate festivals. In India, there are celebrations every day of the year and every season. Festivals are a great way to celebrate the arrival of the Spring season, the harvest season, or any other season that is changing. During the festival season, individuals send greetings to their loved ones, bake delectable treats, and pray their Gods and Goddesses in order to receive their pleasant favor. Numerous holidays are observed in remembrance of one’s God and/or religious cult. Basically hindus commemorate Janmasthami in honor of Lord Vishnu’s earthly avatar as Lord Krishna. When Lord Rama returns home after defeating Ravana, Deepawali is observed. Therefore, it can be seen that festivals have a direct connection to myths and religion.

Sports and fair are Intersting festivals in India

Sports and fair are an essential component of celebrations. The most Interesting Festivals are spiced up with events like boat races, cockfighting, camel races, bull fighting, and similar sports. India celebrates Holi, which is a celebration of color.

A few days prior, preparation for these events begins with zeal and fervor. Colors and Rangoli, a colorful welcome mat design, are used by people to beautify their homes. They get into their robes and go to friends’ houses. The festivals’ heart and soul are not only music but also a folk dance. In quest of their soul mates, people gaze and dance to the music’s rhythms.

India’s vibrant festivities draw visitors from abroad. They take flights to India to take in the celebrations from all around the world. Festival and fairs are thus an essential component of Indian culture.

Popular Interesting Festivals In India:

Krishna Yatra

Lord Janannatha travels across the city on his chariot during the Rath Yatra. The largest regional festival is one of the most grandly and pompously observed in Orissa. It is a holiday honoring God’s yearly return to the location of his birth. Thousands of people take part in the parade with tremendous commitment and reverence, making the occasion notable.


The vibrant Holi celebration is observed on the full moon day of the Phalguna month. It symbolizes peace and harmony amongst communities and is widely honored. To celebrate the holiday, people splash each other with water and powder colors. Discrimination among the communities disappears as a result of them forgetting all their previous grievances.


On December 25, the Christmas holiday commemorates the birth of Jesus. This celebration celebrates tolerance, fraternity, and love. Christians at first go to church on this blessed day to pray and make wishes for the welfare of humanity. Christmas trees are decorated with ornaments for example multicolored balls, stars, flowers, and sticks, among other things.


The biggest Muslim holiday, Eid, is observed over the globe. It is observed on the first day of Shawaal month of the the Hijri year (the Muslim year), which follows the fasting month of Ramzan. People visit mosques for prayers on the wonderful day while wearing new attire. For the celebrations, a wide variety of delectable dishes are cooked at home.


Diwali is a significant holiday in the Hindu calendar. It is joyfully and with great excitement observed throughout the nation. Each and every home enjoys wealth as a result of the festival of lights. In the evening, people decorate their homes by lighting lamps, candles, and also diyas. On this occasion, devotees honor God Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi. After the prayers, they light bonfires to commemorate the occasion.


One of the most celebrated festivals among Sikhs is Lohri. Every year on the lucky day of January 13, it is observed. In the evening, the event is embraced with great enthusiasm. A bonfire is started at daybreak, and everyone from the family and friends gathers around it. On the beats of the dhol, a musical instrument, they dance and sing traditional melodies.

Durga puja

One of the well-known festivals in West Bengal is Durga Puja. Bodhon on Maha-Shasthi marks the start of the ten-day festival, which concludes on Dashmi with the idols being submerged in neighboring lakes and rivers. The Goddess Durga is honored during the occasion. For the event, people purchase new clothing as well as presents for relatives and close friends.

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