You may have the perfect eyebrows for your wedding in only 6 simple steps. Having attractive brows is within reach for everybody, regardless of whether they are born with thick, dark brows, are blonde and have thin brows, or have experienced erratic development, no growth, or a uni-brow like Bert from Sesame Street. I’ll show you a quick and simple way to shape your Eyebrows like an expert. If you begin right away, in just six months you will have perfectly shaped eyebrows just like a pro.

How to Get the perfect eyebrows

Among the most readily noticeable aspects of your appearance is the shape of your eyebrows. Eyebrows balance out your entire face, frame your eyes, and change shape with your expressions. A benefit to women in their 30s and 40s is that they require less makeup when groomed appropriately. Good eyebrows, like those on a young Brooke Shields, are a sign of youth.

Give some time to grow  your eyebrows

Leave your eyebrows unattended for at least six weeks to see if you shave them, over pluck them, or they grow in unevenly. This will give you a good idea of how much eyebrow hair you have and what shape they will take on naturally. Reason being, if you want the eyebrows to look beautiful, they need to be sculpted in a way that complements their growth.

Overplucking, shaving, or plucking the wrong areas of the eyebrow is the most common mistake I find in my clientele. The outside corners (near the temple), the middle portion (near your nose), and the arch section of the eyebrows are the most commonly overplucked spots. The basic contour of your Eyebrows should always be in harmony with the outer and inner corners of your eyes. Never forget that patience is rewarded.

Learn which eyebrow shapes complement certain facial features

I will demonstrate how to educate yourself on eyebrows so that you can save yourself up to $50 on a first-time eyebrow shaping service. Instead, I recommend spending the four bucks on any reputable fashionable or beauty magazine (In Style, Vogue, Allure, a Bazar, Marie Claire, etc.) that features images of women’s faces in adverts and layouts. Consider how their Eyebrows complement their eyes and the rest of their facial features. Examine their brows from beginning to conclusion to spot any similarities or differences.

Now comes the exciting part: using your marker, circle the models’ eyebrows that are most like your own in color. Take note of the brows, and you will soon see a distinct style among them. Then, go to a mirror and compare your brows to those in the photos to see if there are any similarities. Are they spruced up? moderately rounded? Too frail? too thick? etc., remove the eyebrow pictures that go best with your eyebrow color and shape.

Fill in your eyebrows every so often

I can’t stress enough how much of a difference some eyebrow coloring can make, especially for individuals with blonde, light, or gray hair. Dyeing them before shaping is a terrific idea since you’ll discover hairs in your eyebrows you didn’t know you had. Imagine Gwen Stacy with brows as light as her hair and you’ll get the wrong idea.

Facial hair coloring I use a 10% peroxide solution (you may also get good results with a 3% peroxide solution from your home, but I like the 10% solution found in drugstores and beauty supply stores). You can apply the dye with a temporary mascara and a 50/50 solution of dye and peroxide in a small amount of glass. Blend it together, let it on for a maximum of three minutes. After that remove it with a piece of cotton dampened with warm water. It’s a vegetable-based dye that’s safe to use near your eyes. It lasts for around 2 weeks (though this will vary from person to person).

Get the proper eyebrow shaping implements

Tools specifically designed for shaping Eyebrows can and often can make a world of a difference. With the right equipment, shaping your eyebrows may be done quickly and precisely. A pair of tweezers, a liner pencil, and a matte eyeshadow in a shade close essential for hair color.

If your hair is ash blonde or light brown, use caution when selecting a brow pencil. Since some of these shades lean too red. Many different kinds of pencils are available to you and the cheaper they are. The better, especially in case you end up buying the wrong hue. Blondes can never go wrong with taupe or a muted charcoal brown. You’ll also need a mirror, preferably a wall-mounted magnifying mirror or one of the ones Con Air Brand three-way lighted make-up mirrors, a small scissors – one used to cut the nails works fine – a small slant-edged eye makeup brush, and some eyebrow stencils, either homemade or purchased.

Begin applying these expert methods to your own eyebrows.

You should begin by brushing your brows upward with the mascara wand. Afterthat then using the scissors to cut any hairs that are too long when brushed in that direction. Then, holding your pencil like you would a charcoal pencil brush, lightly and in short back-and-forth random but directed strokes across the grain along your eyebrow growth, start at the brow end at your temple and work inwards toward your nose. It leave the brows slightly waxy, so you can lightly brush them into position. They’ll stay put, plus it makes brow pencil merge in and appear more natural.

Avoid having too much eyebrow here take a look at the picture again to see how the model’s brow is shaped. Start at the outer corner by the temple and work inward towards your nose. Pausing periodically to examine your image and observe how your Eyebrows are shaped at the point where your nose and forehead meet. Between your eyes, on the flat surface of your nose, is the one spot to truly go to town for baby hairs. Again, though, mind the ad model’s brows when you’re grooming them into a high arch.

Achieve those perfect brows at last filling the Blanks

The next step involves using your mascara wand to brush the eyebrows in the direction they naturally grow. Then, using the same flat, angled brush, dip it into the brow powder or shadow that best matches your brow color. Brush the powder on in short, flowing strokes, this time in the direction that of your brow’s natural growth. This does double duty by protecting your pencil and filling in any blank spots.

Once you’ve done this, you can use your mascara wand to brush your brows in the direction they’re growing. You’ll look absolutely stunning with just a touch of neutral eye makeup. Some mascara, a light dusting of apricot blush, and a swipe of coral, pink, or clear lip gloss.

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