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The much-awaited and the festival of light is approaching near, Yes, you are right we are talking about Diwali! This festival celebrated all across India with high enthusiasm as this festival symbolises true victory of good upon evil. The name Diwali is basically derive from ‘Dipavali’ the Sanskrit word, that means row of lights. This festival celebrated since the immemorial time. The celebration begins with buying utensils and jewellery on Dhanteras as it believed that this day ward off evil & will bring prosperity to your house. Although, this is the tradition of bursting crackers on this festival of Diwali, we should refrain from doing this as it leads to increased air pollution and noise pollution.  It’s always great to celebrate Eco Friendly Diwali and to respect nature. If you are wondering that how should I celebrate Diwali in lieu of Fireworks? 

So there are various things that can be done In lieu of fireworks such as lighting diyas, decorating your house with lights and rangoli & the best part is to spend these days with your loved ones. We all need to understand that festivals are basically means to rejoice with your Family and Friends which may be attained without firecrackers.

Don’t Worry, and Just explore “how should I celebrate Diwali in lieu of Fireworks?”

Now, as you are eagerly waiting for Diwali, let us share some of the ways to celebrate this Festival Diwali, in lieu of the set plans of firework.

Get-together with your family and Friends

Now a day, people are so busy with their day-today work that they can don’t get much of time to spend with friends and family.  Festivals such as Diwali are perfect time where family members can leave the work and come along to immerse in merrymaking.

Make Customized gifts

Rather than spending money on fire crackers, it is better to buy gifts for your family and friends this Diwali? Exchanging gifts basically was a known tradition in earlier days, so it’s a perfect time to show your love and gratitude to your loved ones. This will be a special gesture to let them know that they are most important in your life. You can make hand-made and customised gift?

Cleaning & Decorating your home

Diwali, a festival of Light – there could be no other way to brighten up the house by decorating it with lights and diyas. Also, you should clean the Pooja cabinet and your entire house. Clean up the unnecessary mess or piled up things which were due to be clean since long. Not just the cupboards or wardrobes, but also fans, windowsills, tiles and everything should be clean and proper.

It’s rightly said that ‘Cleanliness is close to the Godliness’ and this can be explained better by people who celebrate Diwali. Preparations of this festivals begins well in advance in their offices and houses. After cleaning, it is decorated with beautiful and colourful rangoli, Diyas and lights. This may be best answer of your question – how should I celebrate Diwali in lieu of Fireworks?

It’s right time to help people that are less fortunate

If you want to see the real happiness, then this year don’t forget to help the less fortunate or underprivileged people with some sweets, toys, new clothes. The happiness on their face will speak everything, and trust, this is worth of your money!  

Making feasts Can Be Best Answer of how should I celebrate Diwali in lieu of Fireworks?

Like other Indian festivals, food plays a crucial role in Diwali. From making the delicious sweets and savouries, each household can simply prepare the feasts which is worth feeding entire kingdom. Many people also gift sweets to family members and friends to wish them prosperity and luck.

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