best tourist attractions in Delhi

Delhi is one of the most fascinating cities in India because it combines ancient traditions with cutting-edge culture. Historically, India’s capital city has been home to numerous mighty monarchs and served as a center of the country’s government.

Because of this, the city is littered with important historical monuments that testify to the architectural prowess of previous civilizations. Tourists worldwide go to Delhi because it is home to so many world-famous temples, restaurants, shopping centers, colorful bazaars, and nightclubs. The following is a list of some of the best tourist attractions in Delhi that you may use to plan your trip.

1. India Gate

The historic war memorial India Gate is one of the best place to visit in Delhi at night for locals and visitors in Delhi. Plus, did you know what? When brilliant spotlights illuminate the entire structure at night, it is just as breathtaking, if not more so.

You and your pals can prepare to spend the evening here, taking in the sights of the building from the open lawns or strolling along Rajpath. After the sun goes down, head to Pandara Market for some of the best Delhi street eats.

2. Red Fort

The Red Fort, also known as Lal Qila, is much more than another ancient structure in Delhi. Shah Jahan constructed it and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, bringing in millions of visitors annually.

One of the best places to visit in Delhi at night is to visit this site when the sun goes down to experience a breathtaking light and sound show that details the city’s illustrious past. It’s one of India’s best light and sound shows, and it’ll entertain and inform you simultaneously. Both Hindi and English are used during the hour-long performances.

3. Qutub Minar

The 73-meter-tall Qutub Minar was erected in 1193 by Qutab-ud-din Aibak. The first three stories of the tower are constructed from red sandstone, while the exteriors of the second and third stories are decorated with marble and sandstone.

The Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque, India’s oldest, may be found at the tower’s base. In addition to its impressive architecture, the park’s expansive gardens make it an excellent early morning places to visit in Delhi .

4. Rashtrapati Bhawan

In Delhi, the morning changing of the guards at Rashtrapati Bhawan is another spectacular places to visit in morning in Delhi . This military ritual has recently undergone a facelift to accommodate the general population better.

The Forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan has been transformed into the setting for a presentation by the President’s Bodyguard dressed in full ceremonial costume. The Army Brass Band plays music throughout the 30-minute event, which begins with the PBG troops.

5. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

On the boundary between Delhi and Haryana, close to a major highway, is the thriving Asola-Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. More than 193 bird species, 80 butterfly species, and several mammal species can be discovered here. Trees such as the Inderjao, Dhok, Kadamba, and Jaand are also familiar sights. If you want to find natural places to visit in Delhi, you must check this one out!

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