10 Important Signs Of Dengue Fever That You Should Not Ignore

10 Important Signs Of Dengue Fever That You Should Not Ignore

May 16, 2024

Dengue Fever – What Are The Symptoms Of Dengue

You should understand that Dengue is a kind of viral infection which transmitted by mosquitoes. It occurs when anyone is bitten by a mosquito that could be sick and carrying a virus of dengue. There is no secret about these infected mosquitoes normally breed in still or dirty water sources such as potholes, puddles, or open boxes so that, take all the safety measures and follow proper care to keep yourself secure from Dengue fever or dengue infection.

On national dengue day, you should know some common signs of Dengue as it includes headaches, high fever, nausea, body aches and rashes on skin. It is worth noticing that some people cannot display signs immediately after infection and they even don’t know who is at risk for dengue? Usually, Dengue, referred to as break-bone fever, interrupts mechanisms of blood clotting, damaging the body’s capability to clot blood and can cause blood loss manifestation though this is not the normal condition. Yellow fever or dengue can reduce platelet count till roughly the 7th day from day of infection and rises from 8th Day.

Here you can check some important signs of dengue fever –

  1. High Fever: Usually starts as a normal fever and get worse as time passes. It is a Mosquito-borne disease and a person can get above 100.4 F fever go together with skin bruising and blood in stool or urine. You have to discuss with your doctor for dengue by choosing for different tests to check the diagnosis.
  2. Pain in Body: Dengue can be a reason of severe join and muscle pain making it throbbing for person. It looks like your whole-body aches or as if your muscles or bones are crushed or hurting because of unexpected pain. A person can even find it tough to move around or continue with the daily schedule.
  3. Extreme Pain in Abdominal Area: Dengue fever can cause serious stomach pain that may result in uneasiness. People may feel cramps or a sharp pain in their abdominal. Most of the time, this type of pain can be normally mistaken with other issues related to health, so that it is important to discuss with your doctor for primary examination of dengue.
  4. Blood loss: Dengue fever can lead to blood loss symptoms in some people. They may feel small spots which may look reddish and could mimic contusions on your skin, bloody nose, or gum exploiting. If anyone start to feel this unusual blood loss, it is suggested to seek medical care immediately to stay away from any health problems.
  5. Frequent Headaches: Do you have those continuous headaches which give you a difficult time? Fine, without any delay you should consult with doctor who will suggest some tests for dengue or any other basic cause.
  6. Ocular Pain: Do you know what it is? One of the signs is unbearable pain in the backside of your eyes indicates ocular pain-causing irritation, inconvenience and redness. It is the requirement of the time to seek assistance without any delay.
  7. Inflamed Lymph Nodes: Are even normally observed in patients of dengue fever.
  8. Fatigue: Long fatigue and incapability to do routine activities can be a subject of anxiety and may point to dengue.
  9. Extreme Abdominal Pain and Bloating: Can even indicate dengue infection. One would have to be careful and take careful note of the signs for timely analysis and treatment.
  10. Vomiting, Nausea and Diarrhoea: Are some other important warning signs of dengue fever that should be stated to the doctor.

If you are noticing any of these signs, you should instantly seek medical help before it gets worsen. Understanding effects of dengue is important for effective management and prevention.

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